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Explaining Freemasonry and its contribution to our history

Created in 1889, the "musée de la franc-maçonnerie" now has a public exhibition tracing the history of lodges in France and their contribution to the country’s history over the past three centuries. This contribution extends to multiple fields : philosophy and politics, of course – from support for the Enlightenment in the eignteenth century to the Republican structures in the 1880s – aswell as religion, literature and the arts. The exhibition also examines the origins and range of symbols andrites, and explains the freemason initiation process.

Paralleling the educational function, the museum aim at showcasing iconic works : a magnificent fulllength portrait of the Comte de Clermont, Grand Master from 1743 to 1771 ; aprons that belonged to Voltaire and Jérôme Bonaparte, king of the short-lived realm of Westphalia ; and the sword of Venerable Lafayette.

Visitors can also admire the most beautiful collection of eighteenth-century French masonic earthenware and magnificent regalia (aprons, sashes and collars), painted or embroidered with the emblems and symbols of the various degrees of the order. Scholars can peruse a few remarkable documents, such as the first edition of Anderson’s Constitutions (1723) and various extremely rare manuscripts.

The museum’s goal is to foster a better understanding of all aspects of masonic life. The lodges are polymorphous in nature ; the work behind closed doors includes discussions on new ideas as well as elements of secular traditions. More...

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musée de la franc-maçonnerie
freemasonry museum
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